Monday, 7 June 2010

Am I afraid of change or is change just inconsiderate?

Ok so we have finally updated to 3ds max 2011 and I always get excited about getting the latest software, but always disappointed ( not including photoshop cs5 that was far from disappointing.)

So the basic layout change in max 2010, they introduced the massive button at the top left to fit in with how windows programs now work. It is rubbish, it is slow to drop down and that's if it even does in the first place. luckily about 3 months ago I discovered a script which put back the "file" on your task bar.

Classic File Menu Link

It lasted about a day, after a number of files the recent files did not update. Though I continue to use it to get to the merge or import menus. So it isn't perfect but why get rid of it, auto cad has updated its interface but still kept the file menu.

Now we have 2011 the drop down menu has been slightly fixed but i have installed the classic file menu (still with the same problem). Now I was told before the release that max 2011 was going to be stripped of alot of rubbish, bits people no longer use or there are newer options. This is fine but why keep something and go and hide it away in different menus and sub menus. An animation preview was needed that's all, was it where it has been for years, NO! after plenty of searching I managed to find it,

Tools/Grab Viewport/Create Animated Sequence File

It is no different and I cannot see a reason to move it to another menu tucked away. If someone does know why it has moved please feel free to inform me.

Right back to 3DS Max 2011 and find more things that annoy me but will get used to after a few weeks. Bring on the bugs in 2012.

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