Monday, 18 January 2010

Personal Project ( I will finish this one!)

The other day I was browsing a few cgis and found one by a guy in Greece, it was looking straight down a spiral stair case. It was simple but effective.

I need a new personal project as I have lost what I have been working on recently. The idea of this project is you are looking down a child who has snuck out of bed and has just walked into the sitting room where their parents are.

The child will be represented by a shadow cast from the television and a slight hint of blanket. I want to also put some toys down the stairs, make the house feel a bit lived in.

I plan to take a view looking through the banisters into the living room as if it is another child spying on their brother or sister as they were not brave enough to go down.

Anyway, not got too far at the moment but this is a screen grab so far.

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